Community Affiliate Membership

The Navy League is a 501(c) 3 organization proudly supporting the men and women of our Sea Services - Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S.-flag Merchant Marine and their families at home and abroad since 1902.

Your company is invited  to join us in this nobile effort to support the Sea Services as a Community Affiliate member, and support your local Navy League Council's grassroots efforts, The strength of the Navy League councils translates into much-needed support of Sea Service member and their families, and acknowledges the vital role Sea Service personnel play every day in securing our citizens and commerce.

As a token of our appreciation for your support, you will receive an engraved membership plaque that you can proudly display, and subscription to the award-winning SEAPOWER magazine and annual SEAPOWER ALMANAC, 4 individual Navy League memberships, and recognition at all of your council’s membership events and meetings. The Navy League is a crucial thread in the fabric of the Sea Service community and we wholly support all of our Community Affiliates staunch commitment to education and communication of important Sea Service and naval issues.

As a Navy League Community Affiliate member, your company will support the sea services and your local Navy League council’s grassroots efforts. The strength of Navy League councils translates into much needed support of sea service members and their families and acknowledges the vital role that sea service personnel play every day in securing our citizens and commerce.

To enroll as a Community Affiliate member just follow this link and complete the online membership form.

What exactly is a Community Affiliate? 

A Community Affiliate member can be a business in our community that wants to support one of the sea service branches or support one of our youth programs.


  • Rebate of $230 for each new AND renewing CA membership
  • Relationships that support the Navy League mission.
  • Community support of your local council’s grassroots efforts.
  • Four new council members per Community Affiliate.

As a Community Affiliate, a company will not only be affirming its support of the sea services members and their families, but also acknowledging their daily sacrifices in securing our nation’s economic prosperity. With an annual contribution of $460 ($440 of which is tax-deductible), a business will be recognized as leader in support of our sea powers, and joins the ranks of our other partners and affiliates.

Community Affiliate Membership